Eva Moore

Master of white and black magic

  • I’m lucky – I know what is happiness…
  • I’ll share it with you with the help of Supreme forces, which are always with me and help me to perform rituals:
  • - Love magic of all kinds.
  • - I bring love and beloved ones back.
  • - I remove hex and negative impact on you and your close ones.
  • - Fortune-telling and reviewing a situation.
  • - Spells for money and good luck in business.

And that’s not all by any means what I can and know how to do…

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Hello, my darlings!

My name is Eve Moore. I have been working as a sibyl for almost 20 years, and during this time I managed to make lots and lots of people happy. And do you know how did it all start? When I was 16 I suddenly understood what you should do to make a boy fall in love with a girl. And not just fall in love but be head over heels in love! Or on the contrary – to make a girl think about a boy day and night. In the beginning, I tried it on the closest female and male friends. I helped to restore destroyed relationships, win gone boyfriend away from home wrecker, taught how to bewitch someone you like. Soon all girls at our school (and boys too) started to ask for my help in love affairs. And when Russian language and literature teacher came to me asking to return her significant other, I understood that magic should become my lifework…

So it turned out as I thought! I’ve always taken interest in people, their problems and concerns. But I didn’t want to be a psychologist, although I always have a fine appreciation of people. I wanted more – to help them to change their destinies and not to obediently put up with destroyed hopes and plans for a happy life. And I did know how to do it! First success at school age winged me and gave me a confidence boost. And then I helped not only in love affairs but also in business and career. You can bewitch money like a person you love! It’s fairly real to make money flow into your life in a rich stream – together with love and good luck. And I know how to do it!

When working I use superior creatures who watch us, people, and by all means helps us to develop and carry out their mission on earth. Yes, every person has his own life mission and his own path, and if we live in accordance with the superior destination, we get everything easy. We don’t have to fight for a place in the sun and try to snatch our tiny piece of happiness. Fate itself offers everything on a silver platter – money, success, love, happiness, health, the fulfillment of desires.

Do you want to live this way? Learn about your mission on Earth and fulfill it, and I’ll help you in cooperating with your patron saints. They’ll tell many things about you…

Write to me or call me and we’ll try to figure out together what do you need to become happy. Maybe, a home wrecker got into your life and swooped your beloved one. Or you suffer from one-way love, but badly want to marry this man or the girl of your dreams. And sometimes private life doesn’t’ add up at all… Many people aim for career growth and financial prosperity. I deal with these problems. If superior creatures take up the case, consider that good luck is in the bag!

Having started to work with me, you’ll realize that you’re headed for a new happy life, which takes your breath away and gives you wings. It means you’re on the right track…


Master of white and black magic Eve Moore.

I greet you in my world of Magic and Witchery!

We can get to know each other when you contact me writing a letter or calling me. Having heard you, taking the time, magic mastery, my magical gift given me by the Universal power, I’ll get you out of a difficult situation, will bring faith and love back. I’ll help you to become a successful and strong person.

Everything will be kept confidential.

See you, your Eve Moore.

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Reviews of my work

Customers, who have entrusted their problems to me

Отзывы о моей работе


London, Great Britain.

I met a man on a dating site. Everything was fine at the beginning, when our relationship became stronger, he started changing and became estranged as if he was afraid of something. Then he said that he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship and that I should accept it although he did like me. I addressed to Eve without pausing to think for her help in love magic since I didn’t want to lose that person and leave him to anyone, let alone we’re happy when we’re together. Eve told what I need to do and what rituals she’ll make to connect our destinies for ever. She explained me everything in detail how I should behave and what to do. I obeyed and obey her regarding everything since she worries what our future relationship will be. Everything worked out, we’re together with my man. I’d like to give some advice to women who fall into the same situation as I some time ago: don’t be afraid of being happy and loved. Everything’s in our hands! Eve, thank you! I wish you happiness and good luck in your case!


Cologne, Germany

A year ago I started feeling strange things that happened with me, it seemed that someone was inside of me and that this “someone” was a man who was talking to me and trying to have sexual intercourse with me. I felt like a dish-towel and all my life energy was disappearing, I was feeling bad, fears and panic attacks became my companions. I talked to doctors but no one could help me, they only said that everything was fine. That time I couldn’t even tell anyone what was happening with me, moreover, I myself didn’t understand what was going on, it was all kind of a blur. This way I was spending days and saw no way out. Searching for help I came across the Eve’s page on the internet. I sent her my photo and she immediately said that a creature had been put inside me and who had done it. This demon was feeding on me and controlling me. After a while and after rituals Eve relieved me from this nightmare, having done everything necessary for this and gave me a charm, which is now always with me and protects me. My sincere thanks to you!


Israel, Jerusalem.

My family started falling apart, I began to notice that my wife became isolated and close-mouthed. It became clear that she texted with someone. As I found out later it was a man who texted not only with my wife but other women deceiving and destroying destinies and families. My sister suggested me to write to Eve begging for help because I didn’t know how to prove my spouse that the man had a negative impact on her. It seemed she was intoxicated with him and no persuading did work, I was desperate. Everything was breaking down in front of my eyes. Eve took on my case and after a while, I felt that my wife started recovering herself. Now we have the second baby and we are all happy together, I also try to pay more attention to my family as a husband and a father because Eve told me what were my mistakes and why did it happen in the past. Thank you, Eve, that you took the misfortune away from my family and saved it. Gratefully, Viktor.